Roundcut Quilt Pattern Release!

Roundcut Quilt Pattern Release!

This pattern has been a few months in the making! That is primarily due to the fact that Nym, my older cat, has 100-percent claimed this as HER quilt. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. She didn't show much interest before it was basted, but since then? It's been a constant fight to finish it. 

She literally flopped over on the extension table of my sewing machine while I was quilting it this morning! Needy cat.

Anyway, this post is all about the Roundcut quilt pattern! This is totally an HST-based pattern, and therefore VERY friendly to beginner quilters. The biggest challenge in making and writing this pattern is the upfront organization that helps "randomize" or balance your HSTs. I didn't want each block of this pattern to be the same, because the pattern's namesake roundcut diamonds aren't all the same and making each block a little different gives the quilt some movement. However, each block has the exact same number of HSTs in each color. This pattern contains instructions on how to organize all of your pieces once they're cut to ensure that each block has the same number of each color HST, but in different orientations to give the quilt a little variety. 


The thing I love most about this quilt is that it lends itself to SO MANY different color palettes. The original was designed to use up leftovers from the Arrowhead Quilt by Initial K Studio that I made for mom, so it was a lot of high-contrast, solid blacks and grays. As I was finishing up the piecing, I couldn't get the idea of a softer pink baby quilt that made use of my stash of Cloud 9 Glimmer Solids out of my head. What better quilt for fabric with a little bit of metallic thread, right!? A little glimmer and a little matchstick quilting later, and I'm in LOVE with the outcome. You can see the shine in the picture above.

In addition to these very high- and very low-contrast versions, I had testers make a million different and beautiful quilts:

I singled these two testers out of all of the amazing versions because, although I'm a solid fabric addict and envisioned this quilt made in plain old solids, I LOVE how Tierney's hand-dyed fabrics and Evelyn's prints add a little extra depth to the pattern. And look at the color combinations that other testers came up with! 


C. Haugen @gandthebear

Kate @snailcrafts (this one uses gradient fabric- so clever!)

Hooked yet? You can buy the pattern on Etsy or Craftsy using the buttons below! I totally love seeing the quilts you guys make from my patterns, so please don't shy away from tagging me @khquilts on IG and using #roundcutquilt so everyone can see! 

I mean, you really owe it to your cats, right? ;)

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