Knitting patterns

I did say I was a textile enthusiast, right!? I started knitting long before the thought of quilting ever crossed my mind. I don’t do as much designing with knits, but I have released a few free patterns over the year. Each pattern is downloadable from this page, but I’ve also included a link to the pattern page on Ravelry in the event that you would like it stored in your Ravelry library.

Pumpkin Spice Pillow

This is a cute and chunky pillow in bulky weight yarn that will look great in just about anything! It fits a 12x16 pillow form and uses about 300 yards of yarn.


Chunky Cabled Stocking

My mom hinted that she wanted some chunky cabled Christmas stockings a in a neutral color, so these were born! I did a big mock cable motif to keep the stocking fronts flat (and save room for goodies!)


Oliver Blanket

I designed this afghan for a friend’s wedding gift based on an afghan she had pinned. It uses chunky yarn and a simple plaited cable motif, and knits up quick!