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All of the patterns on this page are very simple or more like recipes or tutorials that are freely available for download!

Straight and Arrow Mini Quilt Quiz

You know when you want to make a quick, instant gratification project, but you don’t even know where to start? We’ve got you covered with a great mini-quilt quiz, brought to you by the #fellowshipofthequilt! Answer a few questions about what kind of quilt you’re vibing, and we’ll point you in the right direction. If you haven’t taken the quiz…

And scurry back here if your heart wants half-rectangle triangles! You can download the Straight and Arrow Quilt pattern right here:

Parachute Quilt


Sometimes you have fabric that just speaks to you. Maybe it’s a fat quarter bundle of your favorite design, or maybe it’s that stack of fabric that got left on the cutting table with no real plan. Sometimes that stack doesn’t need much coaxing to become a singularly bold and bossy quilt, and this simple pattern recipe gives you some tips and tricks on how to put them together in an afternoon.

This recipe includes fabric requirements and general instructions on how to put together a mini quilt/pillow, baby, or throw-size quilt .


Wholecloth Quilts


If you have a couple of one-off yards of fabric (you know the type, the ones that jump in your online shopping basket when you’re restocking solids…) and a looming baby shower, wholecloth quilts are fast option.

This PDF tutorial outlines how to sew your front, back, and batting together and quilt it without having to worry about binding it at the end. The no-binding finish gives the quilt a modern finish and lets the fabrics shine, and also cuts down on production time. Make one or give a lucky baby a set!


Heartwarmer Mug Rug


This is a sweet and super fast mug that lets you scrap-bust while practicing your needle-applique! Make a quick gift for that friend you appreciate, your kid’s teacher, or your mom. Moms love mug rugs.

This PDF pattern provides fabric requirements and a template for the heart design. It also describes the no-binding process for finishing the mug rug and lists links for helpful websites on needle-turn and raw-edge applique techniques.