February Pattern Roll-Call

February Pattern Roll-Call

Guys, SO MANY patterns came out in the last few weeks, including two of mine! First, “Simply Bold” came out in American Patchwork & Quilting, and it’s a fun interpretation of a sawtooth star pattern that inevitably makes me think of flowers popping out of the snow.

This guy was one of the first quilts I designed in EQ8, and truthfully, I designed it even before I got the software! I made the quilt to the right in fall of 2017, and it now lives on my mother-in-law’s coffee table! One of my driving motivations in designing is minimizing the number of seams, particularly between two pieces of the same fabric. I loved the design of my prototype, but knew I could simplify the piecing by using economy blocks. It’s amazing how you can use one block to impersonate another just by fabric placement! You can get this pattern in the April 2019 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting. Check out some other color palettes below!

Second, and my most exciting quilt-y secret so far, I HAVE A PATTERN IN THE QUILTCON MAGAZINE!!! I think this might be one of my favorite patterns so far, and I can’t wait to see it at Quilt Con in just a few days!

As styled and photographed by The Quilting Company.

This quilt is Tidal Wave, and I am so in love with the optical illusion nature of it! This one was whole-heartedly designed in EQ8, and I love how a simple change in layout can have such an impact in such simple blocks! This pattern is available in print version here, and again, it will be hanging at Quilt Con so check it out if you’re there! I’ve already been envisioning this one in a million colors:

Apart from mine, there’s been a bunch of other new independent patterns making an appearance (click on the pattern name for the link!!)

Sugar Shack - Dash Masland

Paint Lake - The Blanket Statement

Finch - Tiffany Horn

Modern Aztec - Shannon Fraser

Geo Weaver - Lindsey Neill

Triangulation Quilt - Peony & Fern

Dashed Heart - Peony & Fern (perfect for V-day!)

Coupled - Robin Gump

Mighty Stars - Cotton and Joy

Vienna - Elizabeth Chappell

Solitude Star - Katie Blakesley

Shawl - Julia Wentzell

Garden Window - April Grace

Ella - Lisa Hofmann-Maurer

Patterns perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Dashed Heart - Peony & Fern (perfect for V-day!)

Lovely Log Cabin Mini - Rachel Sterling

Planting Seeds - Patch and Dot

Take Heart - Angela Pingel

Quilty Hearts - Emily Dennis

Large Heart Weave - Mathew Boudreaux

Coming soon!

Everyone’s Got an X - Andrea Tsang Jackson

Vintage Lace - Brittany Lloyd

Boho Mod - Michelle Collins

Cross Lake Quilt - The Blanket Statement

Andes Ode - Cotton and Joy

Mod Mountains - Suzy Quilts

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Amy's Improv

String Quilts!

String Quilts!