My name is Krystina.

I am a modern quilter, life-long knitter, and a dabbler in most fiber and textile arts.

I love that quilting offers so many different methods of expression- texture, color, shape, composition, scale- and I try to explore all of them in my products. I gravitate towards simplicity in my designs, whether that be a limited color palette, non-complex shapes, or minimal quilting. I'll occasionally branch out into something a little wilder, but if simple, functional, modern textiles are what you need, check out shop! I really enjoy challenging myself to think of fresh but classic designs for every season, so keep checking in to see if something new catches your eye.

If you're inspired by something, let me know. I would love to work with you to bring it to life. You can send me a message through my Collaborate page, or hit the "Request Custom Order" on Etsy.

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These blogs are run by quilters or makers who I think are nailing the modern quilt aesthetic or putting out content that is enormously helpful or incredibly inspiring.